Thursday, 11 August 2011

Quick - what do you get when you shove an rowdy teenager together with a couple of fed-up parents?
-- a resolution! Yeah, it's true - they were so sick of me complaining that they decided it wasn't worth the effort and gave in!
Well, they were really disappointed, but I was just ready to have a dance party! I called Jane right away!

Now this is cool of course because of the dancing. I mean, just the nerve of that guy makes you want to get up and dance with him!
You've got to understand - 1989 was a time when dancing was the only way to be cool. Coming up with this dance move must have been the best 15 minutes of fame ever.
My favourite line is: "It was the freshest move I've ever seen - like he was floating on air!"

Happy dancing!
xox Rosie

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