Friday, 19 August 2011

Now it's time for some real fun music. So recently, all I've been thinking about is French. Sometimes I even think in French. So I thought - if I think French as much as I think music, why not both? (and... cue Jane - quick to start singing Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds)

ZAZ - Je Veux... Isn't it great? It's so cute and fun and carefree. It just makes you feel good.
So the lyrics go something like this in english...

Give me a suite aty the Ritz hotel? I don't want it.
Chanel's jewellery? I don't want it.
A limo? What would I do with it?
Offer me staff? I don't want it!
A mansion? Not for me.
The Eiffel Tower? What would I do with it?

I want love, joy, good spirit
It's not your money that will make me happy
I want to die with my hand on my heart
Let's go together, discover our freedom
Forget all your prejudice, welcome to my reality.

I'm fed up with your good manners, they're too much for me.
I eat with my hands, I'm like that.
I speak loud and direct, excuse me!
Let's end the hypocisy - I'm out.
I'm tired of your talking back
Look at me, I'm not even mad at you - that's who I am.

Already craving more cultural goodness? Well check these amazing guys out. They're called the Porkka Playboys.

So bad that it's good... brilliant, even.
It's just a bunch of German guys in a small car covering the ever-epic "Bohemian Rhapsody", but in the end, it's so amazing that you just have to grin and sing along!
This is another feel-good video that could turn anyone's day around.

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