Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It's People's Day!
Now, I promised myself that it would be a completely maths-filled day, but after getting back from Melbourne late last night, all I want is some really good music to make me happy.
Well - this is how I am going to continue this blog - properly - by introducing you to the music that really inspires me everyday!

This is one of the many songs I fantasise about singing in front of a cheering crowd one day... haaaa, as if. But isn't it amazing?
Suzanne Vega is simply cool. She's a genius song-writer - not just because all of her songs are catchy, but because each and every one of them mean something.
That one is definitely my favourite at the moment, but here's just one other that you must listen to -

I've chosen the cheapy lyrics version so that you can actually see the story - it's sad, but very good. Enjoy!

Rosie xoxo

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  1. just listened to the first one, it sounds really awesome but it's kind of hard to hear her and what she's saying.