Saturday, 7 September 2013

Dear Jane (2)

Hey Jane,

I know sometimes you can become a bottle. I am a bottle lots of the time. You empty out quickly and are left missing your juice - your jiggle juice, that is.

Anyways, the point I'm getting at is that I have included a few pep (or should I say pop? like soda pop? teehee) songs here for you.

I might do another post with more later :)

This is a little Canadian group that I can't remember whether I've shown you already or not. There are 3 members of Girlyman. Dad of course introduced me to them! 
Aren't they cute?
They're named after the main guy who is a little bit girly <3
The song is just a short fun one of theirs called "Moose in the Road" and you'll get it when you listen to it. 
Other songs of theirs I recommend listening to if you are interested are "St. Peter's Bones", "Angel of the Morning" and "Born at the Right Time".

Here's one you may or may not be familiar with:

It's The Ramones' "Blizkrieg Bop"! 
Do you remember exploring Egg Records in the city and seeing a Ramones t-shirt? 
Dad says this band gives you hella street cred but I don't really like all of their stuff. 
This song is just so cool though! 
Great dance moves have been imagined by me listening to this song. I really love dancing. I wish I did classes but for now I just enjoy choreographing the dish-washing dance every night.

Next --

It's from Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service, sung by Sydney Forest and it's called "I'm Gonna Fly".
I think the uplifting lyrics match perfectly with the strumming guitar, Sydney's breezy voice and the flying theme of Kiki.
Movie recommended, of course! 10/10.

Do you remember my strange obsession with Japanese culture/language? welp, these things don't just go away, do they? hehehe...
So I honestly don't really like a lot of Japanese music - it's largely auto-tuned and frightening (although there a some exceptions that I will get to later). But of course, being the sad recluse I am, I pursued.
I found South Korean music. 
Now stop right there and hold your disapproving gaze and raised eyebrow at the screen.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that not only is it a grave insult to criticize another's musical taste, it is also true that the stranger the musical taste (on a scale of pop charts to Ancient Grecian folk), the fiercer the defensive individual.

Now that's out of the way, thank you very much for opening your sweet mind up for a slammin' new listening experience. 
I tell you, the further you crank that crack in your skull to let in some light, the brighter your eyes shine. 

Try this for starters:

It's called "Bad Girls" by Lee Hyori, who is a successful 30-something year old who can really sing! I just stumbled upon her music recently but I really like it.
It's nice how even something in a completely different language and in a genre (k-pop) which is arguably the most visually-dependent music genre of our era can still be so groovy. 

They rhythm is great, the melody is catchy, the singing is soulful and the concept is new! 
This is almost reminiscent of something in the 70s scene. 
The bass line is pretty common- it has a James Bond vibe in my ears - but it is effective. Any popular song has to have familiar elements within it. Think of the classic 4-chords and how many great songs have been produced from them. They're all very different songs but the familiarity found by human ears has made them easy to listen to!
I also love the concept. The lyrics go something like this in English:

Fierce makeup, hair done
Tighten the waist a bit more
A careful face but a tough attitude
Pay extra attention to your actions
The heroine of a movie may be like an angel
But the bad girl next to her is more attractive
A girl who is greedier than most people
A girl who hates losing more than dying
A girl who has a strange charm that you can’t deny
Bad bad bad bad girls
A girl who shines even when
she says something poisonous
A girl who doesn’t pretend
not to know when she does know
A girl who is attractive without
knowing exactly what it is about her
Bad bad bad bad girls
Look a bit far ahead, walk a bit fast
Show just a little skin to be sexy
Work rigorously for success, love innocently
Kiss as if you like it so much
that you don’t know what to do

She speaks about the "bad girls" characters in films. It's pretty interesting. A girl who is a little selfish - a girl who doesn't care about what others think. I like the view. It's definitely different to the usual recycled love-song lyrics, right? Right?
Wow, this post is super long. Sorry. Hope you've enjoyed it. I worked hard on it! I should be studying but I'm sick and tired so I wanted to do something that would make me feel better.
Love from Rosie

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