Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Obsessed with this song at the moment - We Are Young, Fun.
I heard it on Glee and it was nice... in that nice electronic, perfect, over the top, Glee kind of way, but I really wanted to listen to the original.
Anyways, I searched it up on YouTube in another one of my familiar crazy searches.
I get these sometimes when I get some weird feeling and just have to listen to a song.
For example, a while back one day, I really wanted to dance for some reason. Shakira (surprise, surprise) came to mind... I couldn't do anything else at all without shaking my lying hips to her at least once. Hmmm, how do I describe this? It's philosophical time!
It's like when you realise that the music isn't one thing. It's everything.
We all live in the music, despite what you might think.
At school I once heard that a famous mathematician said that numbers were everywhere.
My English teacher once said that though we might not consider it, English is everywhere as well. I have considered this, given that we speak the language everyday.
Following this theory, a French or Japanese teacher might think exactly the same.
A beloved History teacher once reminded my class that history is everything, and the evidence is in anything from before the present. Anything you've done - even a minute ago - is history.
Well, maybe it's true, and we just don't notice it unless we really tune our hearts to the passion. Somewhere along the way, you recognise it everywhere.
What I see is the music.
There it is.
I'm telling you all now that music is also everywhere.
I don't care if you don't notice it straight away. Maybe you'll notice anything is everything one day, too.

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